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Investment Strategies


C&PS is a property based private equity business with a strong track record trading since 1996


In our view, a property investment is neither low risk nor likely to produce superior returns simply because it is let on long leases, is in a prime location, is a modern high specification building or all three.

Our Investments


We will only buy if the investment has most, if not all of the following characteristics:

  • One/

    Flexible modern accommodation suitable for a wide variety of occupiers and uses located in areas withlong term sustainability.

  • Two/

    Limited competing supply of space with a definable above average demand over market cycles.

  • Three/

    Above average income return based on market or ideally, below market rental levels. The income component of investments is the most important driver of returns over the medium to long term and its contribution is often over looked by investors.

  • Four/

    Large number of active management opportunities which are achievable within a five year business plan and are not dependant  on rising markets.

  • Five/

    A total return potential of at least 15% per annum (ungeared) with ideally two thirds derived from income.

  • Six/

    An entry price which incorporates a margin of safety to allow for unforeseen events.

Based on our considerable experience, a low risk, high return building will almost always possess all of the attributes above. 

However, our selective approach should reassure our investors that we place the assessment of risk and return at the heart of our investment strategy and decision making. We are likely to make only a relatively small number of investments in any one year and therefore our efforts are wholly concentrated on achieving the highest returns for our Clients for the lowest commensurate risk.